Family Portrait by Dart Dog
Ron Prior & Susan Harris, Diva, Tessa and Pouncer January 2013
photo by Dart Dog

MACH15 Classy Lady Divine Diva RA MXS4 MJB5 MXP2 MJP MXF MFB TQX T2B2, CGC

Welcome to MACH Diva's website. I am Susy Harris and this site is dedicated to my dogs: Diva; a Border Collie, Tessa; a 5 pound Papillon and Pouncer, our young boy Papillon. Enjoy reading about our adventures and looking at the pictures. Diva earned her 15th MACH on June 15, 2013 and then I put her in the "preferred" category which allows her to jump one jump height lower and have 5 extra seconds of course time. 2013 was a swirl of activity and I have yet to upload pictures and information. Check back from time to time for my updates and new pictures. As of February 2014 we are enjoying the beach in Mazatlan, Mexico.


Susy with Dogs, Mazatlan, Mexico 2014
Mazatlan, Mexico January 2014: Pouncer, Susy, Tessa and Diva


MACH 4 Tessa May 27, 2013

Diva and Tessa started the 2013 season with a trial in Portland, OR in January, the Rose City Classic. We had some beautiful glam shots taken by Dart Dog of all the dogs. Click here to see all the Dart Dog 2013 glam photos. Both Diva and Tessa had some good runs and some disappointments.

3dogs on rock at the beach 2013

3 sandy dogs April 2013
Tessa, Pouncer and Diva enjoying the beach in Mazatlan, Mexico

Our schedule was changed a bit and we ended up going to Mexico in April. In March we did a trial in Moses Lake, WA. At the end of March we started driving to Mexico and we trialed in Rigby, ID and then on to Boulder City, NV. From Las Vegas we drove on to Mexico in time for my birthday. At the end of the Boulder City trial Diva needed 2 double Q's and Tessa needed 3 more double Q's for their next MACH titles. We left Mexico after 5 weeks on the beach and arrived In Eugene, OR for the Memorial Day trial.

4 days of trialing with both girls, but Diva had a couple of dropped bars and by the end of the 4 days finally got one double Q. Tessa was a pocket rocket and got all three double Q's that she needed and got her 4th MACH on the last day, May 27, 2013. Tessa has gotten all her MACH's in Oregon with her 1st, 3rd, and 4th MACH at this same trial weekend. Her 2nd MACH was the trial that we will be doing next weekend in Canby.

Diva needs one double Q and I hope we can get it in Canby. That will be her 15th MACH. Since she is almost 12 years old and has been dropping a few bars, I will put her into Preferred. Luckily the rules changed January 1st this year and I can do a lateral move to Masters Preferred instead of starting all over again in Novice.

Our upcoming schedule:

Canby, OR: May 31, 2013, June 1 and 2, then drive home
Moscow ID: June 14 and 15 only
Ridgefield, WA: July 4-7
Coeur d'Alene, ID: July 14 and 15

Double Q's and Points for MACH titles

AFTER: Eugene Kennel Club, Eugene, OR trials
May 27, 2013:

MACH 14 Diva - 299 double Q's and 13,499 points
MACH 4 Tessa -   80 double Q's and   7,530 points


MACH 14 Diva photos by Terry Tuttle
Diva and Susy earn MACH 14 on July 28, 2012, Central Point OR
Flat-Coated Retrievers Society of America Club, Judges: Edith Allyn and Lavonda Herring
Photos by Terry Tuttle

Updates as of September 16, 2012:

UPDATED Double Q's and Points for MACH titles

MACH 14 Diva - 286 double Q's and 12,997 points
MACH 3 Tessa -   69 double Q's and   6,865 points

Diva earned her MACH 14 on July 28, 2012 - her 11th birthday! For those of you who follow all the title letters you will see a lot more letters after the dog's names. AKC has added new Metallic titles and grand fathered them. Check out the Diva's MACH page for more information.

MACH 3 Tessa May 25, 2012

Diva and Tessa started the 2012 trial season in Phoenix on the way home from Mazatlan. It was a one ring indoor trial on mats over concrete. Although a great surface for the dogs, my knees really felt the concrete underneath. Next we went to South Jordon, UT ( Salt Lake City area). Shortly after arriving home to Idaho we had a trial at 9 Mile Falls (North Spokane). For the Memorial Day long weekend we trialed in Eugene, OR for 4 days. Tessa earned her MACH 3 and Diva is working toward her next MA CH too. Pouncer has been traveling and going to the trials, but at 1 year he is still in the learning stage. Before we drive back to ID we will do a 3 day trial in Canby, OR.

Our upcoming schedule:

Canby, OR: June 1, 2 and 3 then drive home
Moscow ID: June 15 to June 17
Camarillo, CA: July 19 to July 22
Central Point, OR: July 26 to July 29
Salem, OR: Aug 3 to Aug 5

UPDATED Double Q's and Points for MACH titles

AFTER: Eugene Kennel Club, Eugene, OR trials
May 28, 2012:

MACH 13 Diva - 273 double Q's and 12,427 points
MACH 3 Tessa -   61 double Q's and   6,142 points

Diva, Tessa and Pouncer at the beach in Mexico
Diva, Tessa and Pouncer - Mazatlan, Mexico December 2011

Susy and Ron with Diva, Pouncer and Tessa visit Santa


 Diva, Tessa and Pouncer October 2011
Photos above by Nina
Diva, Tessa and Pouncer - October 2011

Susy and Tessa at AKC Invitationals 2011

AKC Agility Invitationals
December 17, 2011
Orlando, FL

On December 15, 2011, Tessa and I flew from Mazatlan, Mexico to Orlando, FL to take part in the AKC Agility Invitational competitions. Only 5 from each breed are invited. This was our first time and I was so excited and honored to go with Tessa. We arrived very late on Thursday and on Friday we walked from the hotel to the convention center to sign in, stet up and play a warm up game of F.A.S.T. Tessa did really well although we didn't make the send bonus she was running fast and didn't seem the least put off from all the hubbub, jet lag, etc.


On Saturday December 16, 2011 we started the actual competitions. On the first run we had a little blip where Tessa started to exit the weaves early, but I responded and she kept on.


Round 2 had some tricky parts and then there was a cliff hanger near the end, where I had to call Tessa from going the wrong way. We finished with another clean run and back to the hotel to try and get some sleep!


Sunday I awoke with the start of a sore throat and a certain cold. Flying, stress, lack of sleep - I wasn't going to let that get to me. Round 3 came up quickly in the morning for me. Round 3 went fast and again was clean. We are in 3rd place in the 8" division and we have already won #1 Agility Papillon! They gave us a huge medal.

One more clean run and we will get to the finals. Will we make it? My cold is coming on full force, but I am not going to worry about that. Now we have hours to wait until the 4th round.


Finally it is early evening and it our turn for the 4th and last run before the Finalists are chosen. Can we do it? The 4th round goes beautifully and we end up in 3rd place and are going to the Finals. I am stunned!


We got a beautiful ribbon for qualifying for the finals and we are issued our Finalist shirts and I run off to change my number to the new shirt (which is very long on me). I am really feeling the cold, but I am excited. We get to the start line and Tessa takes off like the little rocket she is. She is so fast that I can't get down to the end of the dogwalk fast enough. She turns to look back for me and side bails, missing the yellow zone. Oh rats, but we continue on doing the rest of the run in great time. As a matter of fact our time was 2nd fastest. However missing the contact cost us 2nd place and we dropped down to 8th place. We did receive a beautiful ribbon for 8th place and I am thrilled that we did so well all weekend. Tessa was a great team mate and I am very proud of her!


Susy and Tessa afte finals AKC Invitationals
Susy and Tessa at AKC Agility Invitationals.
Tessa won the large medal for #1 Agility Papillon, and the big blue ribbon for 8th Place in the finals.

Diva exits the chute
Diva exiting the chute

UPDATE: After the Poodle Club of Las Vegas, Nevada
November 29, 2011:

MACH 13 Diva - 265 double Q's and 12,157 points
MACH 2 Tessa -  55 double Q's and   5,761 points

Diva in the weave poles
Photos above and below by Nina

Tessa in the weave poles

UPDATE October 23, 2011:
MACH 13 Diva - 262 double Q's and 12,075 points
MACH 2 Tessa -  54 double Q's and   5,691 points

Next trial: Las Vegas, NV November 18, 19 and 20, 2011

Susy and dogs October 2011
Tessa, Diva, Susy and Pouncer, Wenatchee, WA, October 2011

dogs in crates at trial
At the Wenatchee dog trials. Pouncer's (lower blue crate) first outing

UPDATE October 17, 2011:
MACH 13 Diva - 262 double Q's and 12,053 points
MACH 2 Tessa -  53 double Q's and   5,612 points

Next trial: Yakima, WA, October 21, 22 and 23, 2011

UPDATE October 10, 2011:
MACH 13 Diva - 261 double Q's and 11,991 points
MACH  2 Tessa -  53 double Q's and  5,537 points

Next trial: Wenatchee, WA, October 14, 15 and 16, 2011


Diva with MACH ribbon

September 25, 2011: Monroe, WA: Diva earns MACH 13 with 3 double Q's in a row over the weekend!

MACH 13 Diva

UPDATE September 26, 2011:
MACH 13 Diva - 260 double Q's and 11,928points
MACH 2 Tessa - 51 double Q's and 5,424 points

Next trial: Helena, MT, October 7, 8 and 9, 2011

September 18, 2011: September 9, 10 and 11 we trialed in Benton City (Tri-Cities), WA. The weather was extremely hot: 97-98 degrees. There was a little shade and an occasional breeze. The heat and the grass surface was the biggest challenge to me and my knees. Lots of dips and valleys. Diva and Tessa earned double Q's on the first two days. However on Sunday Tessa was in a state and so riled up that she leaped the teeter and the dogwalk contacts. Otherwise a nice fast run. She did beautifully with jumpers.

Diva, oh Diva, please forgive me for causing you to drop #2 bar with a lead out pivot move just as you went over the bar. I won't repeat that move again, especially with Diva. Great dog, duh for the handler. Diva also had a very nice fast jumpers run to finish out the weekend.

Net results for the weekend: Both girls earned two double Q's and qualified with placements on the jumpers on Sunday.

Tessa is half way to her MACH 3! Diva needs only 3 double Q's for her MACH 13

Next trial: September 23, 2011 in Monroe, WA


MACH 12 Diva - 257 double Q's and 11,834 points
MACH 2 Tessa - 50 double Q's and 5,375 points


Pouncer August 15, 2011
Ear are up! August 15, 2011
Baby picture of Pouncer
July 19, 2011: Pouncer

August 19, 2011: SUPER SURPRISE - Tessa has been invited to the AKC Agility Invitational in Orlando, FL, December 16 and 17, 2011! It seems that Tessa is the #7 agility Papillon in AKC! They only invite the top 5, but apparently 2 others were unable to attend. I accepted right away: I have entered the trial, made my hotel reservation and plane flight. We are ready to go. For those that would like a Papillon Agility T-Shirt I have put two designs on my CafePress website and have not added profit markup for these shirts.

Agility Pap jumps through butterflies Agility Pap jumps version 2

Click here to order a shirt with one of the designs above

August 8, 2011: July went by with the trial in Camarillo for the 4th of July and a one day in Ventura before we headed home. Mid July our new Papillon, Pouncer, came to us just before he turned 10 weeks. Pouncer is full of energy and seems to always be in motion. Tessa wasn't too thrilled and would growl and snap at him when he would pounce up to her. Soon he learned to grrr-grrr Tessa and before the week was up they were running and chasing. Tessa still gets annoyed with Pouncer and gives him a bad time when he won't leave her alone, but they also play and romp. Diva sometimes joins in, but mostly lets the little ones play. She gets very upset when Tessa growls and snaps and even tries to break them up.

CLICK HERE to see Pouncer's Page

Last weekend Diva and Tessa trialed in Lolo, MT, Friday both dogs got double Q's, Saturday Diva got a double Q and on Sunday both girls qualified only in the Jumpers game.

MACH 12 Diva - 250 double Q's and 11,621 points
MACH 2Tessa - 46 double Q's and 5,161 points

June 26, 2011: Completed 3 days in Salem, OR.Each girl got two double Q's for the weekend, plus Tessa got a very beautiful High in Trial Toy Breed ribbon for her performance on Saturday. Way to Go Tessa! On to California. We have a 3 day 4th of July trial in Camarillo and a one day trial in Ventura two days later. We are going to try the Time 2 Beat Games at these trials as well as the regular standard and jumpers games.

MACH 12 Diva - 246 double Q's and 11,458 points
MACH 2Tessa - 45 double Q's and 5,022 points

June 19, 2011: Completed 3 days in Moscow, ID and both girls did very nicely. Diva has all perfect runs for 3 double Q's out of 3! Tessa did miss on one run for 5 runs out of 6, earning two double Q's. A very successful weekend!

On Wednesday morning we leave for Salem, OR. We will stop in Portland to see the new Papillon puppy and introduce the girls to him. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday we will run agility in Salem. On Monday we will drive to Southern California. We will do 3 trial days in Camarillo and one day in Ventura. Both dogs will try the new Time 2 Beat games while we are in California.

MACH 12 Diva - 244 double Q's and 11,389 points
MACH 2Tessa - 43 double Q's and 4,819 points

Two MACHS in one day, June 3, 2011

TWO MACHs in ONE DAY - June 3, 2011

UPDATE: June 5, 2011

Three more trial days in Canby, OR put on by German Shepherd Dog Club of Oregon, Inc., outside on grass. The weather was warm to really really hot. Quite the change from all the rain last week in Eugene.

Friday was one exciting day. Tessa ran first and got her standard run and a first place. Diva ran her standard with a second place. Then it was time for Tessa to do the jumpers. We came to a 90 degree and she just about pulled through where she shouldn't. I thought that the judge called a refusal, but we kept going. I grabbed her up at the end and started to walk off all disappointed. But then - someone ran up with a beautiful ribbon and the judge said she didn't call a refusal although it was close. Tessa got MACH 2! WOW!

Next was Diva's turn and she did a lovely job on the jumpers with 13 seconds under course time run and that became her MACH 12 and another beautiful ribbon!

On Saturday, Tessa missed on the jumpers run, but Diva double Q'd. On Sunday, I messed up Diva on the standard and Tessa got the double Q. So each dog got 2 double Q's this last weekend and each got a MACH!

MACH 12 Diva - 241double Q's and 11,298 points
MACH 2 Tessa - 41 double Q's and 4,597 points

UPDATE: May 30, 2011

We just finished 4 days of trials in Eugene, OR put on by Eugene Kennel Club. Indoors on nice dirt and out of the rain, it was a fun weekend. The first day I put Diva on an off course jump in the Jumpers with Weaves game.All other runs she Q'd giving her 3 double Q's for the weekend and she now needs only one double Q for her MACH 12.

Tessa had some "issues" on one run each day except the last day. End result was that Tessa got one double Q and she too needs one more double Q for her MACH 2.

This coming Friday, Saturday and Sunday we do another trial in Canby, OR. The trial is outside and I sure hope it doesn't rain. Last year it was very muddy and it did rain during the trial. I expect that it may be much of the same weather.

MACH 11 Diva - 239 double Q's and 11,208 points
MACH Tessa - 39 double Q's and 4,373 points

May 23, 2011: Spokane, Nine Miles Falls two weeks ago was a mixed weekend. Friday started really well with both girls getting double Q's. Saturday, Tessa and I ran a standard run as and she was finishing the last jump, my left knee over extended and down I went. Her run was clean, but I really hurt. I tried to run Diva, however I messed up her run and when I put her over a jump she had already taken, we were whistled off the course. I put a concerted effort in the afternoon and actually Q's both girls, thus Tessa got another double Q. By Sunday morning the knee was very swollen and the day did not go too well run wise. Tessa got one jumper's Q and the rest of the runs were NQ's.

Last weekend we were at Argus Ranch in Auburn, WA. I donned my elastic knee brace and off we ran. Tessa was wild and crazy and the opening without a lead out turned out to be too much for her. It was jump to the u tunnel with a wonderful dog walk right there. Tessa DOESN'T suck to tunnels so she just ran right to the dog walk. There went that run! The second day Tessa just couldn't hold on to that teeter and exited before it hit the ground, oops. By Sunday she finally got it (and a generous judging on the teeter in my opinion). Tessa got one double Q for the weekend. Diva, good and wonderful doggie, got THREE double Q's.

On Wednesday morning we leave for Eugene, OR with 4 days of trials followed by 3 more the next week in Canby, OR. Tessa needs 2 double Q's for her MACH 2 and Diva needs 4 double Q's for MACH 12.

MACH 11 Diva - 236 double Q's and 11,103 points
MACH Tessa - 38 double Q's and 4,185 points

May 1, 2011: Home from another Montana trial that was quite successful. Diva got 3 double Q's and Tessa got 2, missing one run with a little blip at the weave poles. Tessa got 5 first places - wow! The trial was held by the Helena Montana Kennel Club inside on dirt. A one ring trial with Beverly Morgan Lewis as the judge. The weather went from nice to windy to snow to nice and back and forth all weekend. Good thing the trial was inside and the arena was heated!

Our next trial: Sontag Park in Nine Mile Falls (North Spokane) May 13, 14 and 15.

MACH 11 Diva - 232 double Q's and 10,992 points
MACH Tessa - 35 double Q's and 3,923 points

April 17, 2011: 3 days at Lolo, Montana, Five Valley Kennel Club trial with one ring, indoors on dirt. Always a nice trial with some extra touches:. Fun music during course building and walk throughs and s they had a second computer monitor for quick feedback on your scores (Thank you Ellen)..The judge was Jean Munger who was very nice, had challenging (but do-able) courses and kept the trial moving throughout the day.

Our next trial: Helena, MT April 29, 30, and May 1

MACH 11 Diva - 229 double Q's and 10,897 points
MACH Tessa - 33 double Q's and 3,685 points

April 3, 2011: 3 days of agility fun in Las Vegas, NV after 5 months of beach fun in Mazatlan, Mexico. The girls did a better job than their handler (Susy), but all in all we had a good time and got some good runs. Diva had 2 double Q's out of 3 days and Tessa one double Q:

MACH 11 Diva - 226 double Q's and 10,812 points
MACH Tessa - 33 double Q's and 3,572 points

Christmas 2010 in Mazatlan, Mexico

Happy Holidays 2010
Happy Holidays From Susy, Ron, Diva and Tessa

As of October 31, 2010:
MACH 11 Diva - 224 double Q's and 10,719 points
MACH Tessa - 32 double Q's and 3,472 points

October 23, 2010: Diva earns MACH 11 at Yakima, WA
Yakima Valley Kennel Club

MACH11 Diva with Susy and judges Robert Long and Debbie Carloni
Judge: Robert Long, Susan Harris, MACH11 Diva, Judge Debby Carloni

June 27, 2010: Diva earns MACH 10 at Monroe, WA
Puget Sound Labrador Retriever Association

MACH10 photo Susy, Diva and Judges

Follow our video adventures on our U Tube site: http://www.youtube.com/susyharris

June 2, 2010 - TESSA EARNS her MACH title on May 28, 2010
Eugene, Oregon, MacKenzie Cascade Dog Fanciers trial

Tessa: 20 double Q's 1,837 speed points
Diva: 193 double Q's 9,406 speed points and 20 triple Q's

Meet MACH Tessa - May 28, 2010
Meet MACH Tessa

Judges,Susy and Tessa
Left to Right: Judge Rhonda Crane, Susy ( Papillon Tessa on her lap) and Judge Carol Mount

Tessa's trial season started in late April in Tucson, AZ on the way home from Mexico. This was Tessa's first trial after her second surgery in December 2009 on her left rear knee. Although she didn't get any double Q's she was running with speed and great attitude. The next trial was Helena, MT. Both Diva and Tessa got 5 out 6 runs at that trial -each had 2 double Q's. Tessa needed two more double Q's for the MACH after that trial.

The following weekend was a Sno-King trial at Argus Ranch in Auburn, WA. Tessa got one double Q, leaving only one more for the title. We were all ready to earn that last double Q and we had a local trial in the Spokane area. Friday Tessa was running great, she was going fast, she went up the dog walk and her surgery leg slipped off and pulled her to the ground. She kept running, did the A frame, but no double Q. The next morning we started our run just fine, but when we got to the contact equipment, it was no go. Tessa just plain stopped and sat down at the A frame. On Sunday of that weekend she also refused the contact equipment. I brought her back and up she went, so she really could do it - she just didn't want to.

We were stuck needing only one double Q. We drove back to Argus Ranch for trial held by Seattle Kennel Club. Tessa took the contact equipment, no problem on Friday. We only needed the jumpers run and we usually get it. Notice the use of the word "usually". I was so nervous and tense. I crowded Tessa on the weaves and she popped at the second pole. There went the double Q! It was one of the easiest runs we have ever had, I had to mess up my dog! The rest of the weekend didn't go so well either and on Sunday while running Tessa my left knee went SNAP! Down I went.! Now what was I going to do? Would I be able to run the following Friday in Eugene? Will we ever get that last double Q?

I dug out my elastic knee brace and we drove to Oregon. My knee was still swollen and felt like it could collapse at any time. But I was going to give it a try. Friday we ran the standard. Tessa's A frame contact was close, but the judge didn't call it. So now to get the jumpers. We were running in the opening of the jumpers course and Tessa started to head for an off course. I called her and she called off! The rest was perfect and we finally got that last double Q! It was a good thing we got it on Friday because we missed one run each day thereafter. Now to keep trying for more double Q's. MACH on Tessa, my "Mastress of the Universe."


Diva earms MACH 9
August 22, 2009: Diva and Susy earn MACH 9 at Spokane Dog Training Club trial

December 27, 2009 - Wow the whole year has flown by and I haven't had time to update MACHDIVA web pages. This year was all about our personal human project involving building our home and some dog injuries and surgeries. We returned from Mexico last year just in time for the 2009 New Year. In between running to the construction site we did manage to do about a dozen or so trials in 2009. In the early spring, Diva and I were playing with the soft frisbee and she came up limping, so I pulled her from trials for about a month. Then on May first, Tessa was blown off the A-frame at Argus Ranch and I managed to step on her. Her knee was displaced. She seemed to have recovered by the next day, however by the next weekend she was refusing some obstacles and wasn't her usual self. After that we took her to a specialist in Spokane to examine her knee.

We elected to have knee surgery in early June which kept her from competing during the summer. She did do a few trials in the fall, but her knee was still luxating (slipping). After trying exercises and chiropractic adjustments, we took her back to the surgeon who agreed that the knee was still luxating and suggested that she have the surgery again. Tessa had the second knee surgery on December 1. She has been on sedation pills and in a crate most of the time since that second surgery. The knee appears to me to be more secure this time. We will be going back for a checkup next week.

2009 SUMMARY: Diva earned MACH 9 on August 22, 2009. She has 8,927 AKC speed points, 20 triple Q's (which will be 2 new titles in 2010) and 183 double Q's. She and Tessa both earned CGC titles this fall (Canine Good Citizen).

Tessa and I took an advanced beginning obedience class and at the end of the class an AKC judge gave the CGC tests. I had both dogs take the test and they received their certificates on November 9, 2009. Tessa has 16 double Q's and 1,399 speed points. Tessa needs only 4 more double Q's for her MACH. Our goal for 2010 is to get back in shape and earn those double Q's!

Diva and Tessa Central Point, OR July 2008
Diva and Tessa at Flat-Coated Retriever Society of America, Inc. Agility Trial
Central Point, OR, July 2008

photos by Terry Tuttle, graphics by Susy

Follow our latest adventures each year. The adventures pages have running commentaries of what we have done and what we are planning to do next. A few past highlights are shown below. For more pictures and information use the menu on the left and check out our Adventures 2008 page.


Yakima Valley Kennel Club, Union Gap, WA
MACH8 Diva, Susy and Judge Rhonda Crane

Current updates as of October 26, 2008:
DIVA: 163 Double Q's and 7,803 points.
TESSA: 9 Double Q's and 837 points.

Next planned trial: City of Industry (Los Angeles, CA) December 26, 27 and 28

Tired Tessa
Tessa earned one title and two double Q's in Monroe, WA, September 2008; she is one tired pup!

June 13, 2008: Diva earns MACH7

Susy, Diva and Judge Katherine Leggett

To learn more about what a MACH title means, click here.

Diva and Tessa January 2008
photo by Dart Dog


Susy and Tessa at the end of a run cartoon
Susy and Tessa at the end of a run. Design by Get Personal Designs

Click here to see Adventures 2007 page

October 2007: Pahrump, NevadaDiva, Susy and Tessa: Peter Pan, Wendy and Tinker Bell
photo by Trista Hidalgo, dynamicdogphotos.com
Diva, Susy and Tessa as Peter Pan, Wendy and Tinkerbell
Click on the picture above for more Halloween pictures
Click here to see Tessa in her Tinkerbell Costume.

Diva and Susy earn MACH 6 on September 2, 2007

Photo by Tien Tran: From left to right: Judge Jaime Ramiez, Diva, Susy Harris, Judge Jennifer McDonaldJudge Jaime Rameriz, Diva, Susy, Judge Jennifer McDonald
Columbia River Agility Club trial September 2, 2007

Click here: Check out all the MACH dogs on September 2nd at Hood River and see Tessa in her first trial.

MACH5 Diva
Photo by Joe Camp, Graphics by Susy

Diva and Susy earn MACH5 on May 26, 2007
at Eugene, Oregon!
May 26, 2007: MACH 5 Diva

Previously on May 20, 2007 we had just finished 3 perfect days at Argus Ranch in Auburn, WA. We added 3 more double Q's leaving only one more needed for a MACH5 title! We also completed our Excellent A FAST title and got one "leg" in Excellent B on a very difficult course. Check out the course with arrows indicating my plan and where Diva actually went! After that we were off to Eugene, OR for a 4 day trial and then to Canby, OR for 2 more days.

2007 Noteworthy News: April 2, 2007
Susy and Diva place in the top 10% of their jump height at the AKC 2007 Agility National Championships: March 30, 31 and April 1, 2007!
Click here to see pictures, videos and read all about it!

Diva earns 3 clear runs and places in the top 10%!

Diva at AKC Nationals April 2007: 3 clear rounds!

MACH Diva with sunglasses, click to buy T-Shirt
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Follow our adventures throughout 2006. Click here for 2006 adventures.

Diva jumping at a trial in Boise, ID - October 2006
Diva jumping October 2006 Boise, ID
Photo by Blue Sage Photography; graphics by Susy

September 30, 2006
Olympia, WA: Hurricane Ridge Kennel Club

pictured below from left to right: Judge Steve Herwig, Susy Harris, MACH4 Diva, Judge Patricia Charlton
MACH4 Diva with Jduges Steved Herwig and Patricia Charlton, and partner  Susy Harris

Diva and Susy Harris, achieved the highest AKC agility title, the MACH on January 23, 2005! Slightly less than 8 months later on September 17, 2005, they earned their 2nd MACH title. Another 8 months later, May 28, 2006 they have earned MACH 3. The first MACH 3 in the state of Idaho! And now 4 more months and a lot of trials later, MACH4!

To learn more about what a MACH title means, click here.

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Check our our Glam shots of Diva and little "sis" Tessa June 2006

May 28, 2006
Diva and Susy earn MACH 3
in Eugene, Oregon

Judges, Diva and Susy with MACH3 ribbon and bar
Pictured above from left to right: Judge Kera Holm, Diva, Susy Harris, Judge Lisa Ann Potts
May 28, 2006, Eugene, Oregon

MACH 3 EARNED ON MAY 28, 2006: May 26, 27 and 28: 3 days in a row with double Q's and MACH3 was earned! 60 Double Q's and 2,717 points. Susy and Diva are the first team from Idaho to earn the MACH3 title!

May 21, 2006: Diva completes RA, Rally Advanced title.

April 26, 2006: Diva gets a "little sister", Tessa. I told Diva the puppy is a "Border-Pap". Diva is playing and romping with her new sister. She picked the puppy out herself. Diva's new sister is actually a Papillon. Check out Diva's new "Sister": Contessa Ear Amor - aka - Tessa.

April 23, 2006: Diva becomes an "RN" (Rally Novice title)

MACH2 Diva
Photo by Matt Sachs - Agility Images, graphics and art by Susy Harris

New GLAM pictures posted April 11, 2006. Diva 2006

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September 17, 2005: Diva and Susy earn MACH2!

MACH2 Diva and Susy
Oak Harbor, WA September 17, 2005
Click on the picture above for more MACH 2 pictures.
Picture above by Bassoondog Photography, All rights reserved.

Judge Bob Kirkbride  Diva and Susy
Picture above by Bassoondog Photography, graphics and animation by Susy. All rights reserved.
Judge Bob Kirkbride, MACH 2 Diva and Susy Harris Owner/Handler

Click here to read about our adventures during summer and fall of 2005
Click on the picture below to check out a few trial pictures in 2005. Diva jumping through a tire
photo by: Doghouse Arts; graphics by Susy Harris

Susy and MACH Diva January 23, 2005
Click on the photo above (taken by Family Tree) to see more MACH pictures
Diva and Susy earn the MACH title
January 23, 2005
Diva is the 4th MACH dog in the state of Idaho and the first one in North Idaho. She has also earned the first MACH 3, 4, 5, 6 and MACH 7 titles in the entire state of Idaho!
Idaho MACH DOG license plate
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